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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sheer Navy Blue Dress with Purple Fringe Detail

This dress was made using up-cycled sheer navy blue dress. The shoulders have a purple fringe detail that falls to the front of the dress. Fits sizes 2-8 and I would recommend it be worn with a belt (one in the photo is not included) . The sides of the dress have slits coming up the thigh.

Get it here from my Etsy. 

I got this dress while desperately searching through the dress rack at the thrift store.   I was looking for a maxi dress that had an outter sheer layer for a project I've been thinking of so as soon as I saw the fabric I grabbed it. The slits in the side of the dress make it very flowy and would be great for layering.  My friend Tessa is the beautiful model and her camera is what I've been using until my charger is found.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leather & Shapes Bib Necklace

This is a bib necklace that is made from upcycled leather. On the front of the necklace are triangles burnt into the leather. Circle cutouts surround the neck and leather fringe hangs from the bottom.\


I found this piece of leather and it looked like it had been used for a horrible school play costume.  They had used the other side of the leather which has a darker wet look and in between each circle was a green circle bead that was horribly glued in.  After some clean up I branded the triangle pattern into the leather.  The model is my beautiful friend Tessa.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sparkaling Braided Lace Headband

A headband that is braided with pieces of painted muslin and black lace. On the top the of the headband are two vintage earrings and one vintage pin sew into the braid. This headband can also be worn as a necklace.

You can get it here on my Etsy.

How it was made:

  1. Cut 3 pieces of muslin around 2 feet depending on your head size.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of black lace at the same length.
  3. Sew all the pieces together at one end. I just put them on top of each other and sewed them down that way but it did come out a little bit bulkier than I would have liked.
  4. Start weaving a classic braid one on top of another. While you do this experiment with weaving he lace strips in and out of the braid.
  5. Once you get the braid to the size of your head (or longer if you would like to wear it as a necklace as well) and sew the end of the braid together.
  6. Find any old earring or pin that you like and play with how you want it to sit on your head. Once you find the sweet spot sew on your bling as discreetly as you can.
  7. Ta dah! Tie it on at the length you desire and it is done. To turn this headband into a necklace just sew the braid together at a longer length.